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Getting Off on the Right Foot: A Rashi Tattoo

In a New York Times wedding announcement for Miriam Ganz and Rabbi Daniel Horowitz there was a sweet reference to her tattoo and the role it played in their first meeting:
"He next noticed the tattoo on the top of her right foot. “Beshert, and in Rashi, that’s sexy,” she recalled him saying, as he deciphered the medieval Rashi typeface for the Yiddish word “beshert,” which means “destined” or, in the romantic sense, “soul mate.” “It kind of took my breath away,” she said. Rabbi Horwitz didn’t have an issue with her tattoo, which is traditionally taboo in less liberal Jewish circles."
I couldn't find any pics of the tattoo. So, if anyone (including the newlyweds) would like to share a photo of that ink with me, I'm eager to see it.