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Adam Pally (Happy Endings) Talks About His Hebrew Tattoo

April 11, 2012


Adam Pally - Asher
is a must-see sitcom that has been cracking me up with every episode during its two seasons. plays the character Max who is openly gay and unselfconsciously irresponsible. He stars along actors , Damon Wayans, Jr., , , and . Pally, like his character, is Jewish. He recently discussed the on his chest (his name Asher) with late night talk show host Craig Ferguson.

Adam: I have a bad tattoo.

Craig: Where?

Adam: On my chest.

Craig: What is it?

Adam: It’s my Hebrew name. It’s like the most ironic tattoo on the planet cause like you’re not supposed to—

Craig: Yeah, yeah that’s right.

Adam: So I got it when I was 19. And it was like the dumbest thing I ever did cause now every time I take my shirt off to do funny fat guy stuff everyone’s like “Why does he have Hebrew writing on his chest?”

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Cool Fiction: The Japa Jew with Yakuza Tattoos

September 10, 2011


I just read some cool fiction by Michael Masukawa titled The Japa Jew with the Yakuza Tattoos. I thought it worth sharing in the spirit and context of Jew.

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TATTOO JEW article in the new SKIN & INK MAGAZINE!!!!!!!

June 26, 2004


‘m proud to announce that our film and book project is featured in an article in the brand new Skin & Ink Magazine (September, 2004 issue). I wrote it and it features amazing photos by my partner in crime . IT’S ON NEWSSTANDS NOW! Also, we have a brand new version of the website with a section of photos and our new trailer for the film. It’s a black and white trailer showing one of our interview subjects having wings tattooed on his back, with a klezmer song over a hip hop beat. It should be running on the site by tomorrow… Thanks again to everyone for all of your interest and support.

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